These instructions are provided for your convenience. They are not meant to supersede any instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer or your pool builder. Pool Emporium, Inc. assumes no liabilities.


There could be several reasons why your pump is sucking air and/or you are seeing bubbles coming back through the pool jets. A pump that continues to suck air will eventually loose its prime and could melt the pump basket/PVC fittings/seal plate, eventually burning out the motor. Follow this check list; one or more of these items is usually the cause of the problem. (Please note that this is the same check list as found on the Lost Prime troubleshooting sheet, but the instructions vary.)

If none of these seems to be the culprit, look down at the pump, behind the basket housing but in front of the motor. Check to see if there are any screws or bolts directly behind the basket area of your pump. Many times these bolts become loosened from the vibration of the motor. Tighten these bolts and see if the problem stops. If that fails, there may be a gasket between these two parts of the pump housing. If the gasket is not completely in tact (or if it is made out of paper), it will need to be replaced. This gasket does not need to be lubricated. You will have to remove the screws or bolts to get to it. One of the indications of this problem might be if you see bubbles in the pool, but none in your pump basket.

If nothing has worked so far, you'll finally need to rule out that it could be an o-ring (or gasket) in one of your valves. With the pump running, hold a running garden hose over each valve, the joint in the pipe, and where the pipe enters the pump (one at a time) and watch the pump basket to see if the bubbles stop. If they do, the problem probably lies in that part.

If nothing listed above work, a service call is needed.

Pool Emporium, Inc.has created this troubleshooting sheet in an effort to help our customers save the cost of a service call. We assume no liabilities whatsoever.