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The Langlier Saturation Index, while not created specifically for swimming pools, is still the most widely used measurement for the overall balance of pool water. Water is considered at a perfect balance when the saturation index is 0. Too far on the plus side, and the water is said to be saturated or scale forming. Too far on the negative side, and the water is said to be aggressive or corrosive.

It is true that you can achieve results that are within tolerance, while your individual readings are outside the normal recommended parameters (see our suggested balance levels). However, Pool Emporium, Inc. does not recommend that method of balancing your water unless you have no other alternative (if it is illegal to drain large volumes of water in your area, or you have extremely poor fill water). This calculator only works in Netscape. Internet Explorer users click here. Enter the 5 parameters below and click the calculate button. If you don't use either browser, or prefer to see the actual index chart and how the calculations are performed, click here.

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