These instructions are provided for your convenience. They are not meant to supersede any instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer or your pool builder. Pool Emporium, Inc. assumes no liabilities.


These are meant to be generic instructions. Your equipment may vary from that described below.

First check to see if there is an apparent reason why the pump has lost its prime. A pump that has lost its prime (or is not pulling full prime) could melt the pump basket/PVC fittings/seal plate, eventually burning out the motor, if not caught in time. Follow this check list; one or more of these items is usually the cause of the problem. (Please note that this is the same check list as found on the Lost Prime troubleshooting sheet, but the instructions vary.)

To re-prime the pump, first try the easy way:
You may have a valve between two pipes, that join into one pipe going into your pump. The pipes may be labeled SKIMMER on one side, and MAIN DRAIN (or MD) on the other. You need to turn that valve VERY SLOWLY all the way so that the word closed or OFF is pointing at the pipe labeled SKIMMER. If there is one present, don't forget to loosen the lock nut on the top of the handle! (You may have two push-pull valves, or brass gate valves, rather than one diverter valve. Use the same technique of slowly moving valves to open the main drain while closing the skimmer.) This will shut off your skimmer so that the pump will be drawing water only from the main drain at the bottom of the pool. Give it a minute or two to regain its full prime.

Once the pump is fully primed, return the valve(s) to normal position by moving VERY SLOWLY. If so equipped, tighten the lock nut when the valve is back in place.

If your pump will not prime off of the main drain: shut off the pump, open the air relief valve on the filter, remove the skimmer basket, place a garden hose into the skimmer (approximately two inches into the suction line), turn the pump on and see if the pump will catch prime (wait 2-3 minutes). Shut the air relief valve when a steady stream of water shoots out. Turn off and remove the hose, and monitor the pump to see if it holds the prime. If it does, replace the skimmer basket and return to normal operation.

If several attempts at getting the pump to prime should fail, it's time to call in the professionals!

Pool Emporium, Inc. has created this troubleshooting sheet in an effort to help our customers save the cost of a service call. We assume no liabilities whatsoever.