This information is provided for your convenience. It is not meant to supersede any instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer or your pool builder. Pool Emporium, Inc. assumes no liabilities.


Many pool owners don't realize how important water balance is. It is not only important for swimmer comfort, but also to protect the pool surface, plumbing, and equipment, regardless of surface type. If not kept in balance, water can become very aggressive causing corrosion. Over-saturated water can cause scale.

Bring your water to the professionals at Pool Emporium, Inc. at least once a month. There are many vital tests that you cannot perform with your home test kit. If your swimming pool builder or manufacturer has requested you maintain specific levels of chemical balance, please share that information with your water care technician. Manufacturers of certain types of sanitation devices may also provide you with specific levels of chemical balance to maintain. These should be shared with us as well, to provide the best care possible.

Many retail stores utilize computer software to balance your pool water. The problem is that the computer program is written for pool stores all over the nation. Things are very different here in the state of Florida, and recommendations will vary across the states as environment and fill water are large variables. Pool Emporium, Inc. uses the computer printout only as a starting point. We carefully verify all corrections suggested by the computer. Then we fine tune them. You'll see what we mean after a few visits to our store! Remember, we always have your best interests in mind.

Again, we cannot stress the importance of following your builder's recommendations. The following general recommendations are meant only as a guideline. They are to be used when no other resources are available (all levels are in ppm - parts per million).


1.5 - 3.0 November through March
2.0 - 3.0 April through October

For pools using alternative sanitizers such as low levels of copper and silver, or ozone, we recommend .5 - 1.0


7.4 - 7.6


Total Alkalinity

60 - 100 fiberglass
125 - 150 vinyl
100 - 150 marcite, gunite
80 - 125 gem


Calcium Hardness

250 - 350 fiberglass
175 - 350 vinyl
200 - 350 marcite, gunite, gem


Cyanuric Acid

40 - 70

For pools not using stabilized chlorine (such as chlorine tablets or sticks in a chlorinator/feeder) we recommend 50 - 80

Total Dissolved Solids


There is no such thing as too low when it comes to TDS. Ideally levels should be below 1500. We recommend dilution at 2500.