Presently, we do not have a secure site to ensure your safety when placing an on-line order (but we're working on that right now!). You can order toll-free at 1-888-930-5678, fax to 1-321-724-1741, or mail your order using our order form (see below). Or email us and we will be glad to assist you. (Our order form is also helpful for phone order preparation!) Please note that we need your city, state, and zip code to quote shipping charges.

Our order form is not for submitting on-line, as presently your credit card information would be "insecure". The order form is for mailing, faxing, and phone order preparation (address and phone numbers are on the form). Secure ordering will be available soon.

Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or Later: Click on the 4.0 link below. Acrobat will open and display the fill-in form for you to complete, using standard Windows conventions. Total Price, Sub-Total, Merchandise Total, and Estimated Ground Shipping will automatically calculate and update as you enter items. When you have completed your order, click anywhere in the white space on the form to accept the last data entry you made (the contents of that field will not print if you fail to do so). Print a copy of the completed form for your records.

If you are mailing your order, print and mail a copy to us (if you are paying by cashiers check or money order, you must first phone in your order for an accurate total price). If you are faxing your order, and have a single modem with a dial-up account (such as AOL) YOU MUST DISCONNECT FROM THE INTERNET FIRST (close your "dial-up"). Once disconnected, you may "Print" this form to your FAX using the print dialogue box. DO NOT close your browser or it will also close your Acrobat window. Once Acrobat is closed, all entered data will be lost. If you have an "always on" connection such as cable, broadband, wireless, DSL, ISDN, or if you connect through a LAN (Local Area Network) through work, you do NOT need to disconnect from the Internet to fax your order through your regular modem.

Please note that you may save a copy of the form to disk, but it WILL NOT include your entered data. If you want a completely blank order form (no 0.00 in calculation fields), use the 3.0 link below.

Fill in order form for Adobe Acrobat 4.0 and later


Adobe Acrobat 3 Users: Our testing shows that the fill-in version of this form (above) will not register and hold some of your answers. Therefore, we recommend you upgrade your version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to 4.0 (it has improved features, and is free at If for some reason you do not wish to do so, click on the 3.0 link below and print the form. You can also save the form to your hard drive by right clicking and selecting Save... (terms vary by browser). Complete the form by hand, make a copy for your records, and either mail the form to us or fax it utilizing a scanner or conventional fax machine.

Blank order form for Adobe Acrobat 3.0