The Hayward NaviGator sets the standard in high performance cleaning for in-ground pools of all types and sizes. This newly designed hybrid version of the ever popular Pool Vac® automatic cleaner features many new product enhancements, more durable components, plus a 5 year warranty*. Simple to install, NaviGator features the exclusive SmartDriveTM programmed steering which assures that virtually all pools will be cleaned in only 2-3 hours.

Quiet and attractive, NaviGator is the intelligent choice in automatic cleaners.

Applications: In-ground residential pools (vinyl, gunite/tile, fiberglass)


Tips on Hose Requirements: A simple rule of thumb is to measure from the skimmer (or dedicated suction line) to the furthest point in the pool, then add two (2) extra hose lengths.
Example: a 16' x 32' rectangular pool will normally take 8-10 lengths of hose, depending on depth and skimmer placement.

Tips on Vacuum Requirements: The necessary vacuum is dictated by the amount of hose utilized. Allow 1" of vacuum for every length of hose used. Example: The above pool would need between 8"- 10" of vacuum for proper operation.

Comes with 40' of hose, skimmer adapter cone, installation video, and vacuum gauge. Optional safety vacuum lock for threaded suction port is available.

Order 905C for concrete/gunite pools, 905F for fiberglass pools, 905V for vinyl pools.

Shipping weight is 20 pounds.

*5 years on housing, 1 year on external wear and tear parts (feet, flaps, wings), 2 years on everything else.