These instructions are provided for your convenience. They have help many homeowners solve the mystery, or at least put them on the right track. They are not meant to supersede any instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer or your pool builder. Pool Emporium, Inc. assumes no liabilities.

Converting To Chlorine From A Biguanide Sanitizer (SoftSwim® or Baquacil®)

Please note that Pool Emporium, Inc. always recommends you take a sample of your pool water to your local BioGuard® dealer, and follow their conversion instructions. Often after conversion, there is a high combined chlorine reading. It can also take time for your chemistry to stabilize. For these reasons, we advise you bring a weekly sample to your dealer for at least a month after conversion, or until they advise this is no longer necessary.

The following instructions were created to aid those who live in remote areas of the country who are too far to commute to their local dealer. They assume you have a white plaster (concrete, marcite) pool.

During conversion, the water may become cloudy and/or discolored. The conversion procedure may take several days. Do not swim during the conversion procedure. Wait until the pool has been started on the new maintenance program and the water is completely balanced, and sanitizer and oxidizer are within normal levels.

Use BioGuard® SoftSwim® Filter Cleaner or Replace Filter Media
When converting from a biguanide sanitizer, it is often a good idea to change the filter media. If it has been changed recently, clean thoroughly with BioGuard® SoftSwim
® Filter Cleaner before beginning the conversion procedure. After completing the filter preparation, proceed to the next step. Once you have cleaned the filter, discontinue the use of all of your current sanitizer products.

Conversion to Chlorine:

  1. Shut off the pump.
  2. Predissolve 5 pounds of Burn Out® WP (or CLC®) for each 10,000 gallons in 5 gallons of water and pour around the edges of the pool to distribute as evenly as possible. The water will turn green and a precipitate should form. Allow the water to sit without circulation overnight.
  3. The next morning, remove some water from the pool in a bucket and add a small amount of Burn Out® 35*. If there is a reaction (the water clouds or turns green or forms a precipitate), repeat the Burn Out® treatment and re-test with Burn Out® 35*.
  4. When there is no longer a reaction, vacuum the pool to waste to remove the precipitate. Leave the filter running continuously for 24 hours before testing and balancing your water.

*Pool Emporium, Inc. Note: As you are testing for reaction, including clouding, you cannot perform this test with Burn Out® WP or CLC® as it naturally clouds the water.

The instructions on this page are based on information provided courtesy of BioLab, Inc. ©1998