These instructions are provided for your convenience. They are not meant to supersede any instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer or your pool builder. Pool Emporium, Inc. assumes no liabilities.


Indications that you may have a clogged impeller are:

You may also experience low or no filter pressure or flow through your return jets if:

Make sure the skimmer and pump strainer baskets are free of debris that would be inhibiting the pump from moving the water through the system. Also make sure that this did not happen immediately after backwashing the filter and might indicate that not enough DE was put into the filter.

To clear a clogged impeller:

  1. Shut off the circuit breaker, or manually turn the pump off and make sure it will not come back on.
  2. Remove the clear pump lid and the strainer basket.
  3. Stick your hand down into the basket housing, and back through the hole going towards the motor. Your should feel a round protruding lip and dead-end into the intake of the impeller (it will be a bump on some impellers, a screw on some, flat on others, etc.).
  4. Rub your finger around the impeller intake, trying to loosen any debris you can feel. If you should feel a string, hair, or pine needles, they may be wrapped around the impeller; try to pull them out.
  5. Place your garden hose down through that hole and give it a quick blast of water.
  6. Replace the pump strainer basket and the pump lid. Be careful not to over-tighten the pump lid or you may crack it.
  7. Turn the pump back on, and see if the pump primes itself. If the prime is full, check the pressure gauge and see if it is up to normal. If you see improvement, but it is not up to par, you may need to repeat the process of unclogging the impeller. If the pump is not fully primed, you will not register the proper amount of back-pressure on the pressure gauge.

Pool Emporium, Inc. has created this troubleshooting sheet in an effort to help our customers save the cost of a service call. We assume no liabilities whatsoever.